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For Your Business




  • Organize documents for legal cases including bankruptcy filings, housing court, and real estate closings.

  • Complete and file legal forms such as Long Term Care Insurance applications, DBA applications and Trademarks.

  • Research public records including Unclaimed Funds.

  • Perform general tasks such as composing and typing letters and professional and business documents, using such programs as MS Word, Excel, Quicken, Front Page, and Photoshop Elements, and do Internet searches.

  • Your tedious tasks taken care of for you. Including telephone calls, file and organize papers, run errands, and make deliveries and pick-ups.

  • Create file systems and maintain them.

  • Act as advocate for medical reimbursement with various public and private agencies, including helping with forms and making phone calls.

  • Create and tally deductions for client’s tax accountant.

  • Create and Invoice and bill client's accounts via Excel spreadsheets.

  • Collect debts.

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