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Referral Service

David Lutzer’s Most Trustworthy Referral Service

There are so few services for finding trusted highly qualified professionals when you need one. That’s why I created the Trustworthy Referral Service.

How often have you needed an Accountant, Lawyer, Handyman, Plumber, Cleaner, or Home Aide, and found yourself scouring Google and hoping for reliable help? Just to be disappointed, or worse yet, turning to Craigslist.
I'm thrilled to announce my Trustworthy Referral Service for providing you with the most trustworthy service professionals in NYC.  Forget about hiring strangers and hoping for the best.  My trusted vendors have been screened by me. The next time you need a accountant, lawyer, cleaner, life coach, computer specialist or handyman give me a call for a list of professionals that will take good care of you. I'm your trusted resource for trusted help.  And, there is no cost for you!  
Here are a few success stories from satisfied clients.



Health Aide
“I had the opportunity to employ Ms. Ali to take care of Evelyn (a friend) who is an elderly lady of 92 years who came highly recommended by David Lutzer. I have seen 110% improvement in Evelyn’s care since Ms. Ali has been employed.  Ms. Ali is very caring, efficient and can make Evelyn do things that she should do but would not want to do. Thanks so much to David for recommending her. I am sure that anyone David recommends will work out as David investigates character as well as work performance”.  
Marva Latimore


Financial Advisor
“David Lutzer referred me to a financial adviser named Rosalyn. She's one of the most pleasant people I've met and brilliant at finance. She went through every financial document I had, explained the future of each investment and what to modify for maximum return in coming years. I didn't think there were any honest and knowledgeable financial counselors of that caliber out there and happily she changed my mind”.
Ed Katz


“I have been a client of David’s for ten years. He referred me to an excellent accountant who I can call on at any time and whose services I have used for several years”.


I have many referrals to share with you in all professions and trades. It’s all about taking care of you, my client.

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