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Who I Am

Certified Paralegal and Notary Public.

I began my career as a paralegal with Queens Legal Services serving the poor and peforming a wide range of administrative duties.

I then worked as a paralegal with large and medium sized law firms gaining experience in housing law, liens, bankruptcy and preparation of legal documents.

Twenty years ago I started my own firm as a Personal Assistant by the hour. The idea of using a Personal Assistant by the hour was an immediate hit. I've enjoyed working with a diverse clientele of professonals ever since. I have been able to create an environment of mutual trust and bond with many of them. I pride myself in attending to my clients’ individual needs with great care and am ardently loyal to each and every one of them.

I've particularly enjoyed working with seniors through organizations such as Dorot, Greenwich House and Jasa.

I grew up here in New York City and know my way around its many highways and byways. I was active in my synagogue from an early age; my hobbies include acting, writing poetry, and yoga. I’m a people person who is also extremely loyal: I take great care in getting things done, deriving a real sense of accomplishment when they are done, and follow through on projects with painstakingly careful attention to detail


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