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David Lutzer and I have worked together for eight years and I have found him to be professional in every way: efficient, prompt, discrete, diligent, thorough, trustworthy In addition--and perhaps more importantly, he is one of the kindest and most compassionate human beings I have ever met. I could not recommend him more highly.
Carrie Tuhy

I have utilized David Lutzer’s services in the context of a major estate of which I am both the Attorney and the Executor. Mr. Lutzer worked for the decedent prior to his death for over 9 years. I was extremely impressed with Mr. Lutzer’s professionalism, dedication, knowledge and follow through. As a consequence, I continued to retain his services for a number of projects and his assistance was invaluable. I would certain recommend his services to anyone.

Arnold E. Reiter Esq.

I have worked with David Lutzer for 11 years and recommend him highly. If you have medical billing or financial matters that need straightening out, he has a wonderfully
respectful, but firm and insistent telephone manner that always gets
the other party to come around. He is also a great resource for all
kinds of services.

Roberta Miller

As a musician, I find the services of David Lutzer a necessity. He takes pride in providing the best results and he isn't afraid to suggest a more efficient way for me to conduct my own business. David is a fine example of work ethic. It is plain and simple. When I know where I am going, David helps me get there.
Joey Murphy

David came to work for me in 2001, and quickly became absolutely indispensable. I first hired him to help me sort out the materials needed for preparing my income tax, and he was brilliant with that. But I soon became aware that he was valuable for a wide range of other things, and from then on I’ve had his assistance once every week (for a three-hour session), and at various additional times. If I could, I would employ him much more than that. The sheer variety of ways he can help is truly amazing. He has organized and streamlined my home office and paperwork, made numerous business phone calls and done field research for me, taken care of my apartment and many details when I’ve been out of town, managed sensitive financial records for me, kept me on track with countless projects, and made my life easier in endless ways. Also – I’m a classical musician, and he has handled logistics for a number of my rehearsals and concerts, interfacing marvelously with my colleagues and the public. On top of all this, and more – he has become a trusted personal friend, advisor and confidant – and a faithful “sounding-board” for working through whatever issues and decisions I might be facing. Such a combination of characteristics in an employee is rare and remarkable. And I know from solid information that he provides the same level of dedication and support for all his clients. I can give him the highest possible recommendation. –George Burleson violinist NYC

I'd like to recommend David Lutzer as a great organizer and personal assistant. He's helped me organize, do paperwork, go after tasks on the phone, etc. He's really independent but at the same time will ask for direction to know eactly how you want it done or what you need. He's especially great at tasks that need to be done regularly as in weekly or monthy or following up-extremely reliable and responsible at that.
Audrey Wu


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